Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Why is my aircon unit leaking?
a) The drainage pipe could be choked with dirty particles so the water cannot be drained out, causing water leakage from the fancoil unit.
b) This could be due to poor installation by the contractor whereby there is no proper gradient of the drainage pipe.
Question 2: Why is my aircon not cold enough?
a) The blower and air filter is dirty and clogged with dust.
b) The thermostat is set too high.
c) The unit is undersize.
d) The orientation of the room (eg. facing direct sunlight).
e) The refrigerant gas needs to be topped up.
Question 3: Why is my aircon icing?
Usually, this is an indication of either an extreme shortage of refrigerant gas, or, a very dirty fan coil which will require a chemical wash.
Question 4: Why do my aircon circuit breaker trips when i just turn on the aircons?
Its very likely a component in the outdoor condenser has shorted, 90% very likely the compressor is spoilt.
Question 5: Why is my aircon noisy?
a) The spare part might be faulty and needs to be changed.
b) The blower and fancoil maybe dirty.
c) Vibration noise due to uneven wall surface.
Question 6: Why is my aircon unit producing a foul smell?
This could be due to the smell of cigarettes, odours or other air pollutants being absorbed into the unit and thus being discharged with the air flow.
Question 7: What will happen if I do not service my aircon unit?
Aircons not serviced regularly will result in longer than usual time to cool the room, inconsistent/irregular cooling. The aircon unit will gradually be unable to produce sufficient cold air and water leakage may occur. High electricity consumption will result and heavier workload imposed on the compressor resulting in a very short lifespan.
Question 8: How frequent should I service my aircon unit?mpressor resulting in a very short life expectancy
a) For residential units, it is advisable to service your aircon every 2 months.
b) For office and commercial units, it should be serviced every month.
Question 9: Is it necessary to dismantle the fan coil unit for chemical wash?
a) companies always try to sell the dismantle method of chemical wash simply because it earns them more revenue.
b) dismantling is only a last resort for us as it usually leads to gas leakage, and noisy rattling aircon from loose parts.
c) unless one uses a strong water jet, then YES, the dirt at the cooling coil cannot be washed and cleaned thoroughly, and a dismantle wash is necessary.
Question 10: Why should I sign a service maintenance contract?
When you sign up for a one-year service maintenance contract with our company, you will benefit from:
a) overall discount compared to ad-hoc pricing.
b) discount on spare parts replacement.
c) priority attendance to all your aircon needs (during office hours).
Question 11: How to choose the right contractor?
a) Often, contractors who offer the lowest price may end up providing you with poor workmanship, inferior materials and will likely try to recover the price shortfall by creating reasons for additional scope of work.
b) Their consistent punctuality shows they respect your time.
c) Make sure they use clean fresh cloths, and not dirty smelly cloths; this reflects their pride of work.
Question 12: How should I choose the right type of aircon unit for my home or office?
a) Identifying the areas that you require airconditioning is the important first step.
b) Next, determine the specific types of aircon that you want (power,brands,savings,etc).
c) A professional contractor will be able to help you choose the right types that suit your needs.
Question 13: What is the warranty period for the aircon unit?
For residential units, the warranty period for the spare parts is 1 yr and for the compressor is 5 yrs which is provided by the local agent.

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